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  • Rochester Educational Article of the Month - Is Skunk Feces Dangerous To Touch or Breathe?

Is Skunk Feces Dangerous To Touch or Breathe?

Is Skunk Feces Dangerous To Touch or Breathe?

Skunks just like every other wild New York critter carry lots of parasites in the body such as tapeworms and tapeworms. These internal parasites from skunks can easily be transmitted to Rochester human being and pets that go close to skunk feces or urine. These worms are known to live and reproduce inside the intestine of skunks and passing to the feces to affect any animal or human that gets in contact with the feces. Other animals like dogs and others, may ingest the parasites while licking the coat of skunks feces or when the completely eat the feces the eggs will get into the body of the animal to hatch and grow in the intestine. There are other of diseases associated with the feces of skunks.

Listeriosis Disease Found In Skunk Feces
Honestly, skunk feces do not only contain parasitic worms but also other dangerous diseases that can affect anyone that get in contact with the feces. The listeriosis is a disease caused by bacteria and it is transmittable to both New York human and pets. Some of the symptoms associated with listeriosis include:
• Diarrhea
• Fatigue
• Rash
• Fever
• Neurological symptoms such as paralysis as well as brain swelling

Canine Distemper Disease in Skunks Feces
Staying away from skunks is very important and necessary sue to oodles of problems and diseases they transmit not only to your Rochester pets but also to through getting in contact with their feces. One of such dangerous disease is known as canine distemper disease. This is a virus disease and always affects dogs and other pets at home. An animal will get affected with this disease from skunks simply by getting in contact with discharge from Rochester skunks like the nasal discharge, urine, feces. This particular disease can make the animal to experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, lethargy, hysterical behavior and others.

Hepatitis A Disease Associated with Skunks Feces
Indeed, hepatitis is an infamous disease that can easily be transmitted to another animal or human from getting in contact with New York skunk feces or urine. This disease can result to liver enlargement and damage if not controlled. There is also kidney, lung as well as spleen damage associated with hepatitis.

Feline Panleukopenia Virus
This is another dangerous disease can be spread to other Rochester animals like cat as it can affect the digestive organ system and can cause whole of symptoms such as white blood cell reduction, frothy vomiting, bloody diarrhea as well as anemia. These are the reasons why you need not to allow skunks to stay near your dwelling let alone in your home.

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